Hello world, this is
Eric Gese­mann!

I'm a web devel­oper from Germany fo­cused on UI- and UX-Design, avid sys­tems admin­is­tra­tor, at home in the backend. And I have at least one green finger. 🌱


My journey through the world of computer science commenced in my school days.

In our student firm, I learned not only the basics of programming, but to work together on projects as a team, to push each other forward, and to exchange knowledge.

With curiosity on my mind and a spark of passion, I started developing websites and desktop applications for the first small businesses and NGOs in 2016.

Today, my content management systems enable millions of users to enjoy seamless experiences on the web. Companies rely on my digital products to support and optimize their business processes.

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Selected Collaborations

  • Siemens Energy Global, Görlitz site
  • Medical Technology Königswartha: METEK Köber & Michalski OHG
  • LausitzNews.de - The news portal for East Saxony
  • SachsenNews24.de - Latest news from Saxony
  • Malteser Hospitals St. Carolus & St. Johannes
  • Pax et Bonum: One World Shop Bischofswerda
  • Digital-lokal.tv - Your digital advertising pillar
  • ellemenno
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Public Projects


LausitzNews is a regional news agency, which keeps its readers informed on current events in Lusatia, Dresden and South Bran­den­burg. Since 2009, LausitzNews has been able to establish itself as a partner of numerous media publishers, organizations and municipalities and receives over one million monthly views.

I have been developing the LN-CMS based on Laravel since 2017, the frontend, as well as the news API that provides subsidiaries with articles.

By the end of that year, I also assumed responsibility for infrastructure planning and server administration. Over the years, many more projects came to life in cooperation with LausitzNews and its in-house reporters, ensuring efficient information and media flow behind the scenes.

A new media server is currently being developed in Go, which will process files and make them available using S3.


FastIDP is an identity and access management (IAM) application that provides authentication via OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. FastIDP uses the Python backend framework FastAPI.

In the course of my time as a developer, I have programmed nothing more often than various systems for user authentication. But for large projects that connect multiple interfaces, there are only two options: Either each interface authenticates and authorizes itself, or an independent IAM system is needed.

Therefore, in 2022 I decided to start developing a simple but solid identity provider, which also became the topic of my thesis.

FastIDP relies on PostgreSQL and Redis in addition to Python. React is used to create an SPA that is used for user and client management. At the same time, it exemplarily implements the own OAuth2 interface.

FastIDP is currently in closed alpha and will be released as open source software with the end of my thesis.

Soon available


eric.js is a fast and tiny DOM navigation and manipulation library.

Many similar libraries add many features that make them bloated and slow, creating noticeable data traffic for servers and users. eric.js aims to replace the most utilised features of jQuery and is of similar usage.

Great news! After 3 years of production use, eric.js 2.0 is on its way. Better API, easier navigation, more features. Stay tuned for updates!

GitHub NPM (Node Package Manager)


This website is open-source. From my own little static file generator, to the assets, layouts and views. Except for the logos above, everything from this site is original.

Follow the development of this site on GitLab.


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